Cocoon (Chapbook)


i want
a pure blue summer i want
a soft hearted lover i want
sunshine in a jar
teardrops on a foggy spring
— girlworld
April 4, 2019 Reading allegorical death, girlworld, hollows, and gardenias from Cocoon. At The Beat Museum, San Francisco, CA.
I am a mother to a necropolis of stillborn selves
Thicket blooming from shedded skins
If I am all rib I will make this land my Eden
Consume fermented fruits ‘til I drown in the knowledge of being
More than one girl at once but one girl all the same
— gardenias

Reading in Jack Kerouac Alley, The Rag Zine Publishing Reception (March 2019)

newborn baby drowning in the kitchen sink

sing mother to the rising sun

sing mother to the seeds drowning in their beds

sing mother to the void breaching beneath the floorboards
— allegorical death